Effective June 1, 2022

Piper Rose Select, LLC  Minimum Advertised Price Policy applies to all authorized resellers of Piper Rose Select Products in the United States of America to protect Piper Rose Select Skin Care  trade reputation and  branding.

All promotional or pricing information applies to any type of online, digital or non-digital media, print, direct mail and email advertisements of the Piper Rose Select products.   Piper Rose Select U.S. Retail Price List establishes the minimum advertised price for all Piper Rose Select products is available at piperroseselect.com and may be amended at any time by Piper Rose Select LLC. 

It is a violation of this Policy to advertise any Covered Product at a price lower than the minimum advertised price including but not limited to coupons, discounts, rebates, promotion code, bundled products, strikethroughs suggesting a lower price, storewide sale or allowing a third party to alter the minimum advertised price. that would result in a price lower than the minimum advertised price.  Circumvention of this Policy whether direct or indirect  violates this Policy.

Piper Rose Select  may announce minimum advertised pricing promotions that are applicable to all resellers in which they will not have violated the Policy.  All promotions will be available at Piperroseselect.com

At the reseller’s discretion free or reduced-price shipping and or a gift with purchase provided by Piper Rose Select  is not a violation of this Policy.

Reseller will not alter in any way Piper Rose Select Skin Care Products or Piper Rose Select Packaging. 

This Policy is not negotiable and will not be altered for any individual reseller.

Piper Rose Select may amend, suspend, terminate, or reinstitute this Policy at any time.  Piper Rose Select shall make any such changes available to all authorized resellers at piperroseselect.com

No Piper Rose Select employee,  agent and / or reseller’s representative, is authorized to modify, interpret, or grant exceptions to this Policy.  Any questions about this Policy should be submitted in writing to Piperroseselect@gmail.com

Violations of this Policy may and can result in the termination of the account of the reseller violating this Policy.   In the event Reseller violates this policy, reseller may be subject to immediate forfeiture and return to Piper Rose Select, at Reseller's sole expense, without reimbursement of any kind or amount, of all Piper Rose Select Skin Care Products remaining in Reseller's inventory.  Reseller will pay any associated reasonable attorney fees and costs associated with any litigation for violation of this policy entitled to Piper Rose Select LLC.